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If too much of your time and resources are spent working on IT tasks that are outside your expertise, then you are not only working inefficiently, you are also costing yourself countless dollars by not managing your time wisely.

IT issues will distract you from growing your business and managing your clients.

Connect of Western New York has a solution for this problem and for your company’s technology needs.  For an easily budgeted monthly fee, a fraction of the cost of hiring a technician, we can take away the worry, frustration and high cost of managing your own IT environment.  Connect’s managed services solutions keep watch over your system 24/7 and we step in the moment we discover anything going wrong.  In most cases, you won’t know there was a problem at all!  This proactive approach to IT maintenance will keep small problems from becoming big and expensive ones.


The following is a list of some of the top information technology related challenges your company can be up against.   How many of these problems can you honestly say that you are facing in your business and are holding you back?

Cyber Security


Managed IT services are a necessity in keeping your data and networks secure.  Small to medium sized businesses are at an especially high risk of having a security breach because the of the high number of small businesses that have not budgeted for any formal security monitoring.  The digital security industry is ever-changing and if you want your data to be accessible and secure, you will have to work with those that study, analyze and implement top forms of network and data security.

Analog to Digital Time Savings


Have you made the move to digital files and record keeping?  You would be surprised how much time and money a business can save when they make the move from analog files and record keeping to digital.  Cloud software takes this even further allowing your business to house secure data across multiple data centers.  You will sleep easier knowing your files will never be lost due to a hardware failure at your office.

Cloud Computing and Networking


Cloud software and computing can be misconstrued as being complicated and intangible versus having all hardware and data storage housed at your business.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  In fact, even in more data sensitive landscapes such as the medical and financial industries, cloud computing is the best solution for redundancy (keeping your files stored in multiple locations), and security (including HIPAA compliance and other regulatory security standards). 

Technical Support


Do you know who to contact when a computer goes down, better yet what if your entire internal network goes down?  If so, what is their general response time, and can they be counted on to resolve the issue in a timely manner?  If you don't have a managed IT solution set in place for your business the answers to these questions may cost your business more than just downtime.  You can always count on Connect to answer your general tech related inquiries diligently and in a friendly, easy to understand way.



Poor wiring, general outages, and electrical surges and storms can damage countless electronics in your office.  A standard surge protector is in most cases not good enough even if it has connections for your Ethernet and coaxial cables.  Battery backups also allow for software to be properly shut down before power loss, preventing data loss and saving your computer from a hard shut down.  

Define Analyze Connect - The Solution


Connect is not exclusive to the following business types, however we have a lot to offer these industries.  Connect is small enough to be able to be nimble, but large enough to tackle big jobs. 

IT Services for the Medical Industry


Connect has tailored solutions to the IT problems that face private practice, dental, optometrist, and specialist offices.  From Hipaa and cloud computing to computer and networking services this industry requires an onsite and remote IT department to maintain and stay current with the medical industry's high standards.

IT Services for Modern Financial Agency


Finance and taxation firms require fast up to the second, reliable internet and network access.  Connect can make that happen and also show how secure cloud software and storage frameworks can allow for the peace of mind in knowing that you are not investing in unnecessary hardware or physical software that will eventually become obsolete.

IT Services for Modern Law Firm


Encrypted forms of messaging, data redundancy and secure networks are paramount in the legal sector.  Connect has many things to offer a legal firm including: onsite service and repair, email setup and encryption, networked copiers and e-filing setup to name a few.  All for less than the cost of adding a single IT technician to your staff.

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